In economic theory, the aphorism, “a rising tide raises all ships,” conveys the idea that an improved economy overall will benefit everyone. When the government takes measures to benefit the economy as a whole, business and people, big and small will see some positive outcome. Yet this phrase does not just have to be applied to economics, but also evangelization and encounter.

          St. Bernard of Clairvaux once said that, “If you are wise you will not be a mere supply pipe, but a reservoir. The former lets the water flow through without retaining any itself, whilst the latter, after being itself full, and without losing a drop, pours out its superabundance to fertilize the fields. How many in the Church who are devoted to apostolic works, like mere supply pipes, remain dry, whilst endeavoring to impart fertility to others.” How common does this sound amongst our faithful?  They endeavor to pass along the faith and help others into relationship with our Savior without themselves knowing that a personal relationship with Jesus is even possible. We have seen it in our lay faithful, in our religious, in our priests and even in our episcopates. And yet in the beginning it was not so… and even now it does not have to be so.

          What is the source of this reservoir and how does one become a reservoir?  The answer is one that is obvious; the Eucharist, the source and summit of our faith.  It is the origin and fount of all reservoirs of love and mercy and grace and is the source and driving force behind the “rising tide.”

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An Introductory Letter to the Catholic HV "Year of the Eucharist"